Legacy On Main Street

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Embracing My Passion


Legacy On Main Street in Eufaula was founded in 2015. Continuing my dream and passion to restore historical buildings on Main Street in Eufaula, Oklahoma, I purchased the original First Christian Church building on the corner of Main and Pine Street, Eufaula, OK  and  remodeled it into an event center named Legacy On Main Street. I plan concerts & events in Eufaula OK

The purpose of Legacy On Main Street is to provide a venue for citizens to enjoy special events and to rent space for individuals and groups to plan their special events.  Whether it is an event I plan or yours, an event at Legacy On Main Street is certain to be one to be remembered.

Karen Weldin

Live Life with Purpose


It is very rewarding and fulfilling to be driven by passion to make a difference downtown Eufaula, OK.  If I can help one person smile, laugh and have a meaningful moment at least once a month - I am happy.  Legacy is a space I want to share with you.  Come and enjoy the music, the food and the inspiration.

Be Inspired By Everything


I find inspiration all around me.  I try to plan concerts and events that help us all feel inspired and motivated to live life to the fullest.  We only have one life - have no regrets and sing and dance like there is no tomorrow!